TGS Koya is an independent member of TGS Global. As approved auditors in DMCC, we are committed to providing unparalleled audit services to businesses of all sizes. Discover the assurance and peace of mind while choosing a reputable audit firm.

Why Choose TGS Koya Chartered Accountants?

Expert Auditors at Your Service

At TGS Koya, we are proud to be recognised as approved auditors in the DMCC. Our team consists of highly qualified professionals with extensive experience in navigating the complexities of the DMCC regulatory landscape. Rest assured, your financial matters are in capable hands.

Clear and Efficient Auditing Process

We believe in simplicity. Our auditing process is transparent, ensuring that you understand each step along the way. Efficiency is at the core of our approach, saving you time and delivering accurate results promptly.

Tailored Solutions for Your Business

We understand the uniqueness of each business, and our approach meets your specific needs. Being an approved audit firm in DAFZA, we comprehend diverse industries and tailor our audit services accordingly. Expect a customised solution that seamlessly aligns with your business objectives.

Network Benefits

  • Qualified Professionals: Our team comprises professionals with rich experience, ensuring expertise in handling your financial matters.
  • Versatility in Legal Structures: We have experience dealing with different legal structures, such as subsidiaries, branches, mainland operations, and multinational corporations.
  • Approval Across Free Zones and Banks: Our approval extends beyond DMCC; we are approved auditors in various free zones and banks.
  • Compliance Assurance: We strictly adhere to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and International Standards on Auditing (ISA).
  • UAE Legal Compliance: We conduct thorough legal compliance checks in line with the applicable laws of the UAE.
  • Strategic Advisory: Beyond auditing, we provide valuable advisory services aimed at improving areas of weakness and fostering the overall growth of your company.
  • International Compliance Coordination: We collaborate with group auditors to ensure seamless compliance with international requirements, catering to the global nature of your business.

Our Services

Audit and Assurance Services

As approved auditors in the DMCC, our primary focus is delivering comprehensive audit and assurance services. We meticulously examine your financial statements, providing a detailed analysis to ensure compliance with DMCC regulations.

Internal Audits for Enhanced Efficiency

Our team conducts internal audits aimed at optimising your business operations. We identify areas for improvement, offering valuable insights to enhance your internal processes and minimise risks.

Forensic Audits for Uncovering Irregularities

In cases where irregularities are suspected, our forensic audit services come into play. We conduct thorough investigations to uncover discrepancies, helping you maintain financial integrity.

Why TGS Koya Stands Out Among Approved Audit Firms in DMCC

Proven Track Record

Our consistent track record speaks volumes about our commitment to excellence. With a history of successful audits, we have gained the trust of numerous businesses in the DMCC jurisdiction.

Compliance with DMCC Standards

Being approved auditors in the DMCC means adhering to stringent standards. TGS Koya ensures that your audits meet all DMCC regulatory requirements, giving you confidence in the accuracy and legitimacy of your financial records.

How to Engage TGS Koya Chartered Accountants

Contact Us for a Consultation

Get in touch with us to schedule a consultation. We will discuss your needs and outline a tailored approach to meet your auditing requirements.

Collaborative Planning

Once engaged, we work collaboratively with your team to plan the audit process. Our goal is to minimise disruption to your operations while ensuring a thorough examination of your financial statements.

Efficient Execution

Our team of approved auditors in JAFZA, DAFZA, and DMCC executes the audit efficiently, maintaining open communication throughout the process. You will receive regular updates on pertinent matters. We answer your questions or concerns promptly.

Delivery of Comprehensive Reports

Upon completion, you will receive a comprehensive audit report, providing a clear overview of our findings and recommendations. Our reports are easy to understand, empowering you with valuable insights into your financial standing.

Contact TGS Koya Chartered Accountants Today

Choose TGS Koya Chartered Accountants as your trusted partner for audit services in DMCC. With our team of approved auditors in DMCC, you can be confident in the accuracy and reliability of your financial records. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and experience working with a dedicated and proficient audit firm.